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You Can Touch Dinosaur TracksSince 1939

Where is the best place in the world to find dinosaur footprints?

In the Connecticut River Valley

It was in this valley that the first dinosaur tracks in North America were found.

The location that has produced more dinosaur tracks than any other location is the Nash Dinosaur Track Site and Rock Shop. It was discovered in 1933 and bought in 1939 by Carlton S. Nash. Since that time it has produced thousands of dinosaur tracks that have been sold to museums and private individuals all over the world. The Nash Dinosaur Track Site and Rock Shop is located about one mile from where the first dinosaur tracks in the Connecticut River Valley were found in 1802 by a farmer named Pliny Moody. Since Carlton S. Nash's death in 1997, his son Kornell Nash has carried on the work.

Walk where the dinosaurs walked.

What you will see here

  • The region's longest running and most productive dinosaur footprint location
  • A museum that displays a variety of dinosaur tracks and dinosaur fossils
  • A rock shop where you may purchase your own dinosaur tracks or a variety of other fossils and minerals


SATURDAY      10-5
SUNDAY           12-5
MONDAY          11-4
TUESDAY         11-4
THURSDAY      11-4
FRIDAY             11-4

Site admission:
Adults $ 3.00
Children $ 2.00

Nash Dinosaur Track Site and Rock Shop Location:

Latitude  42 Deg - 16 Min - 50 Sec  /  Longitude 72 Deg - 32 Min - 25 Sec

Mailing Address:
Nash Dinosaur Tracks
Amherst Road ( Route 116 )
South Hadley, MA 01075
GPS Address:
Nash Dinosaur Tracks
39 Aldrich Street
Granby, MA 01075

Phone: 413-467-9566


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